What can you expect if we open an RDSP account for you?

Manage all administrative work

Issues with RDSP accounts often arise because financial institutions and advisors you expect to guide you through the process often know very little about this type of account, possibly even less than you know! Paperwork gets filled out incorrectly or worse, are missing entirely; government grants and bonds are not being received; your questions do not get answered… If this has been your experience, see for yourself how True Life Insurance and Estate Solutions is different.

Calculate how much to contribute

Determining how much to contribute to your RDSP account depends on several different factors including annual income, when the person with the disability became eligible to open an account, and your personal financial situation. Not only will you be provided with a contribution schedule that outlines how to maximize the grants received, we will also ensure that you understand how we did those calculations.

Review All Government Contributions  

After you have contributed to your RDSP, it takes one to two months before government contributions will be received. Should there be a discrepancy in what was expected and what was received, we will follow up to determine why and make corrections if necessary.

Conduct Annual Reviews

We will contact you on an annual basis to review your account, make changes if needed and discuss your annual contribution.