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Gain market exposure while protecting your principal. These risk-free products allow conservative investors to plan with confidence and participate in gains during favourable markets. 

Segregated Funds

Segregated funds (seg funds) are investment products offered by Canadian insurance companies. Like mutual funds, seg funds are pooled investments with certain risk and asset mandates. Unlike mutual funds, seg funds offer the protective features of insurance products. With a specified maturity date, seg funds guarantee 75-100% of the principal investment when the contract matures or if the holder dies before maturity. Other features include locked-in growth by “resetting” the plan and creditor protection. 

Guaranteed Investment Certificates

Protect your capital while earning guaranteed income. Guaranteed investment Certificates offer risk free interest payments and a return of capital at maturity. These interest payments can be predetermined or linked to stock or bond indexes. Receive interest payments as percentage of the growth of the linked asset, or as 100% of the growth up to a limit.

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